Group2 Course


Nambula IAS Academy is proud to offer an exceptional Group 2 Exam course that caters to the aspirations of dedicated individuals aiming for a successful career in state-level civil services. Our meticulously designed program covers all vital subjects, including history, polity, economy, geography, science and technology, and current affairs. With a team of experienced faculty members and subject matter experts, we provide personalized guidance, mentorship, and continuous support to our students. Our result-oriented approach includes comprehensive study materials, regular assessments, mock tests, and answer writing sessions to enhance exam preparedness and analytical skills. Join Nambula IAS Academy to unlock your potential and pave the way for a rewarding career in Group 2 services. Your aspirations, our guidance.


  • General and Physical Geography
  • Economic Geography of India and AP
  • Human Geography of India and AP

Indian society

  • Structure of Indian Society
  • Social Issues
  • Welfare Mechanism

    current affairs

  • International,
  • National and
  • State of Andhra Pradesh


Logical Reasoning (Deductive, Inductive, Abductive)

Mental Ability

Basic Numeracy


Paper 1

Section 1 : Social and cultural history of andhra pradesh

Section 2 : Indian constitution

Paper 2

Section 1 : Indian and ap economy

Section 2 : Science and technology

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